10 Bodyweight Exercises to Replace Weighted Exercises When Working Out at Home

Bodyweight ExercisesUsing free weights is the best way to increase muscle mass in order to build an impressive physique. Some guys do not have access to a gym so they do not work out thinking that they cannot build a great body without weights. The truth is that if you are willing to put in the work and if you are going to be consistent you will build a great physique regardless of whether you lift weights or not. Many people have gained muscle without lifting weights just watch the bar brothers on YouTube and read the stories about guys who got jacked in prison without lifting weights.

It’s all about the way you see your workouts

A simple way to get ripped at home is to use common sense, for example think about the different exercises you would be doing in the gym, now think which muscles they target and the movements involved during those exercises. With this kind of thought process, now think of how you could replicate those movements using your body, think about how you would target that muscle. This leads to the next part replacing the weighted exercises with the bodyweight exercises.

10 Bodyweight exercises to do in place of weighted exercises

  • For the flat bench press you could do the normal horizontal push-up but unlike the bench press since you do not have the weight to match you will have to increase the number of reps while maintaining good form.
  • For the incline bench press which targets upper chest you will have to do decline push-ups in order to target the upper chest.
  • For the decline bench press you will have to do incline push ups but make sure to get your position right to properly target your lower chest.
  • For the shoulder press or military press as others like to call it you will have to do handstand push ups, if you cannot yet do that you can try 90 degree pike push ups to target shoulders, what makes them easier than a handstand push up is that your do not have to lift your whole body.
  • To replace lat pull downs you can do wide grip pull ups, I feel that wide grip pull ups are even better than lat pull downs because you are lifting your entire body and people do not often use a weight equal to or greater than their own body when they do lat pull downs.
  • For bicep curls you can do close grip chin ups which are great for building great arms.
  • To replace tricep machine push downs or tricep rope push downs you can do dips, the dips where you hang on two parallel horizontal bars and lift your whole body using mainly your triceps muscles.
  • Barbell or Dumbbell squats can be replaced by bodyweight squats but you have to do many reps to get a good workout going, a better option to feel the burn quicker is doing pistol squats which are single legged squats.
  • Barbell and dumbbell lunges can be replaced with bodyweight lunges.
  • Seated machine calf raises and standing machine calf raises can be replaced by bodyweight calf raises or single legged bodyweight calf raises.

You see you always have options even when you do not have a gym membership, the reason you are not ripped is not because you are not a gym member it’s because you do not want to be ripped or are too lazy to put in the work needed to get a great body. The time for excuses is over, now go workout!

Eugene Madondo uses both bodyweight exercises and weighted exercises to get a buff yet functional physique, check out his weightless chest workout. Also add him to your circles on google plus he loves interacting with people interested in fitness.

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