5 Items You Need in Your Gym Bag

Items You Need in Your Gym Bag

The Gym Essentials That Everyone Needs to Take to the Gym

Going to the gym empty handed sucks. I have done it a few times. Heck, just the other day I went to the gym without my water bottle. I carry around a gallon jug wherever I go (yes, I get a million comments about it as well). Having to use the water fountain was extremely tough, so I had to purchase a bottle of water and my workout instantly improved. Sometimes, you forget about the little things that we need as part of our routines. If you are looking for the items you need in your gym bag, here is my top 5 list.

Here are my top 5 items that you need to put in your gym bag before you go to the gym. Funny enough, a water bottle did not really make the list, but is still covered under Shaker Bottle. I also do not include workout clothes or clothes to change into as well as toiletries to use for your post workout shower.

Weight Lifting Shoes

If you do not use weight lifting shoes, shame on you. Cross-training shoes can only get you so far. You would not run without decent running shoes, would you? At least I hope you would not. Weight lifting shoes are a must for advanced lifters. The added support that they give you lessen the chance of injury at the very least.


This one seems like common sense, but people not wiping down machines and benches once done is an epidemic. It is disgusting. You would not want to sit in a pool of anyone else’s sweat, so do not make someone sit in yours. While it may not solve the problem of people not using common sense it the gym, at least you do not look like a careless animal.


Some people can lift without music. Some people go to the gym with friends and talk the entire time. I am not sure why people would do either, but I can only take so much dance music before I lose my mind. I need music that gets my blood pumping and puts me in the right frame of mind to break a PR. Nothing does that like listening to the right album.

Workout Software

For me, workout software has become a must. The days of taking a note pad to the gym with you have passed. I do not miss being stabbed in the leg by a pencil while doing rows. Just like most other things, software has made our lives easier. The right software package allows us to find exercises, create workouts, set our target number of reps, our rest time, find out instantly if we have broken a PR and more. That does not even factor in the reporting that we can do with all of these saved numbers. We can view our progress on weight based on body part, exercise, time and more. The options are endless.

Shaker Bottle

Blender Bottle

I love my shaker bottles. Gone are the days of unmixed protein shakes. The wire ball inside the shaker bottles have made our shakes less gritty. Of course, shaker bottles can also be used as a water bottle for the gym as well. I normally have a pre-workout protein shake, then I wash the bottle and can use it for water if I like. It is also ready for my post-workout protein shake. The convenience of shaker bottles make them one of the only items in my kitchen that I use every day of my life.

What are your 5 most important items you need in your gym bag?

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