A Shoulder Workout That Adds Serious Mass

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shoulders

It seems like I post a shoulder workout every once in a while because I have fallen in love with it. The last time that I posted a shoulder workout was last year and it is time to post my latest shoulder workout because it is a good one.

This shoulder workout relies on supersets throughout much of this workout and will give all deltoid heads a serious burn while adding mass to your shoulders.

The workout starts by warming up the rotator cuffs and then straight into a superset with seated dumbbell military presses and seated lean-forward barbell shrugs. The latter is performed with the bar under the legs pulled up into the hamstrings. Check out the video below to see how to perform this exercise.


Exercise# Reps# SetsRest (Sec.)
Seated Dumbell Military Press8 - 1240
Seated Lean-Forward Barbell Shrug8 - 12445

Seated Lean-Forward Barbell Shrug

After the first superset, we move on to another superset using cables. The first exercise, leaning cable lateral raise, hits the medial head of the deltoids primarily and the second, rope face pull, hits the rear delts.


Exercise# Reps# SetsRest (Sec.)
Leaning Cable Lateral Raise8 - 1230
Rope Face Pull8 - 12345

The next block of exercises consists of three exercises in this superset all performed with dumbbells and will burn all deltoid heads. This group moves from dumbbell lateral raises to dumbbell bent-over rear delt raises and closes with the dumbbell Arnold press made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger (hence the name).


Exercise# Reps# SetsRest (Sec.)
Dumbell Lateral Raise8 - 1230
Dumbell Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise8 - 1230
Dumbell Arnold Press8 - 12345

Now, we are done with supersets and move onto the finale with a single exercise between rest periods. The cable upright row is a great exercise to hit the trapezius muscles and the final exercise is heavy barbell shrugs.

Exercise# Reps# SetsRest (Sec.)
Cable Upright Row8 - 12445
Barbell Shrug8 - 12445

After all of these exercises have been completed, hit the showers and rest because you will need it.

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