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Abs Workout That Works

Abs Workout

We are all looking for that chiseled six-pack look that very few people have. The main culprit is the individual’s diet, but if you have your diet under control, this ab routine will blast your abs through the stratosphere and give you abs of steel. Read on for an abs workout that works.

Day 1: Target Lower Abs

Hip Thrust

Lift your hips off the floor pushing your heels upwards slowly. To stabilize yourself, keep both your hands on the floor.
3 sets, 25 – 30 reps (to failure)

Reverse Crunch

Using the lower abs, roll the pelvis backwards as you raise the hips away from the ground while bringing your knees over the chest. Also use your hands for stabilization.
3 sets 25 – 30 reps (to failure)

Day 2: Target Upper Abs

Cable Crunch

Round the back while contracting your upper abs, as you bring the rope down. Don’t change the relative placement of your hands to your head or you risk injury.
3 sets, 10 reps (to failure)

Decline Crunch Using a Weight Plate

Using a comfortable weight, curl up and down without your lower back touching the floor. Keep the head and spine aligned all through to avoid spine strain. If you find the angle to soft or hard, adjust the bench angle.
3 sets, 10 reps (to failure)

After the second day, you will experience some uneasiness on your abs especially if new to these exercises. If you are too sore, take a day off then return.

Day 3: Target Obliques

Besides the normal six stacks you see in many people, there are an extra 3 on each side of the abs near the ribs. They are called obliques.

Exercise Ball Oblique Crunch

Secure the exercise ball, then lie on it sideways with hands behind your neck, crunch as high as you can with the opposite leg as you bring the elbow towards the hip, then alternate sides.
3 sets 25 – 30 reps (to failure)

Twisting Crunch

As you lie on a pad, force the left shoulder towards your right knee with your hand behind your neck, after the first set alternate.
3 sets 25 – 30 reps (to failure)

After you are used to the above exercises, turn the heat up with the following but ask for backing from the gym instructor or your spotter.

Hanging Leg Raise
Incline Board Reverse Crunch
Tuck Crunch
Straight-leg Crunch
Oblique Cable Crunch
Roman Chair Oblique Crunch

In 8 weeks, you will have those abs of steel that you will be proud of from simply following this abs workout.

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