Bai 5 Review: Drink to Your Health

Bai 5

Sometimes you encounter a product that is so good that there is no way that it could be good for you as well, correct? Thankfully, there are still products out there that suit both of these needs. Whether we are bodybuilders, athletes, or just fitness enthusiasts, the one likeness that we all have is our undying need to better ourselves both in health and aesthetics. We are very careful of what goes into our bodies as what goes in is merely fuel that keeps our engines running. We eat and drink for function, not for taste. That is why we are willing to dine on chicken and brown rice instead of burgers and fries. Of course, we have learned how to make our meals tasty as well as beneficial so the example of chicken and brown rice are ideals of the past.

The nice folks over at Bai sent over a case of various flavors of Bai 5, a product that I was not familiar with until now. After the first sip of the first bottle, I was hooked. I could not believe that a product with such a great taste profile could be so beneficial to you from a health standpoint. Many times, healthy products read very well from the label as being great for you, but lack the flavor to impact us any further than using the product because we need to. Bai 5 is not that type of product at all.

Bai 5 comes in 9 flavors, all of which are rather tasty. I have my favorites, namely Panama Peach and Sumatra Dragonfruit, but all of the flavors are indeed very flavorful. I did a double take on the label to ensure that it was indeed correct. This antioxidant-packed beverage contains only 5 calories and is gluten and soy free. It is also GMO and BPA free as well as 100% natural.

The secret to Bai’s antioxidant power 5 is the organic coffeefruit. Bai 5 uses the outside it, which does not generate the same effects as the normal coffee bean. Bai 5 is then flavored with exotic fruit juices with each flavor being very tasty.

I take a bottle in with me when I workout and I get a sweet little boost in between sets. I did not expect anything, but I figured that I had to see what it did for me while working out. That subtle little boost was just what the doctor ordered. It has now been a staple with my workouts.

Bai The FruitBai 5 Variety Packs:

Bai 5 Green Variety Pack
Bai 5 Red Variety Pack

Bai 5 Flavors:

Brasilia Blueberry
Congo Pear
Costa Rica Clementine
Ipanema Pomegranate
Limu Lemon
Malawi Mango
Molokai Coconut
Panama Peach
Sumatra Dragonfruit


Antioxidant Packed, 2000+ mg
Only 5 calories per bottle
BPA Free
Gluten Free and Soy Free
Low Glycemic Index
Organic Coffeefruit
100% Natural

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