Best weight loss solution: Treadmill or elliptical trainers?

Are you working hard to lose some extra weight? Well if so then you might definitely be using a treadmill or an elliptical trainer. For people who have an in depth knowledge about the same, often confuse which one among the two is better for weight loss regime. This is one of the major reasons why people have been looking for treadmill ratings and reviews to know about the benefits one could get from it.

Comparison between a treadmill and an elliptical trainer:

  • Calorie burning: When we compare both the treadmill and an elliptical trainer in terms of calorie burning capability, treadmill wins the race. While elliptical trainer is supposedly acclaimed for burning fat at very effort, treadmills require a lot of effort by the person and thus score higher in the race of calorie burning capability.
  • Joints: If you are already facing the problem of joints then elliptical trainer can be the ideal choice for you. While using elliptical trainer, the feet remains grounded and therefore there is not too much stress on the joints. On the contrary, when you use a treadmill, the constant running can easily stress out your feet and joints leading to various joint ache problems.
  • Aerobic fitness: If you are concerned about aerobic fitness and cardiovascular exercises, you will be happy to know that both the treadmills and elliptical trainers provide the same kind of benefits.
  • Muscles worked: While elliptical trainers focus on the overall body, the treadmills mainly focus on the lower half of the body. People generally run on treadmill which leads to the lower abdomen fitness. The upper body fitness cannot be achieved with a treadmill but you can definitely use elliptical trainers for this purpose.
  • Toned bottom: Elliptical trainers definitely work on the lower portion of the body but not as much as treadmills. The primary focus of the treadmills is to keep the lower part of the body toned because running has impact on the lower abdomen only.
  • User friendly: When it comes to gym machines, user friendliness is counted as one of the important characteristics. When you compare the treadmills with elliptical trainers, the trainers are considered more user friendly as treadmills are difficult to start with.
  • Safety: Treadmills are faster and more stressful than the elliptical trainers which are one of the major reasons why they are considered safer fitness equipment when compared to treadmills. Moreover the treadmills can also lead to joint aches and many other health issues. A person using elliptical trainers is safe from such health hazards.
  • Ease of use: Elliptical trainers must be set according to the experience of the beginner. These adjustments must be made by a trainer. However many people like treadmills over the elliptical trainers because of their ease of use.

There are a variety of fitness equipments in the market and you can easily find a fitness equipment source. Both the treadmills and elliptical trainers are efficient but may vary according to the individual’s desires and needs.

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