One Rep Max Calculator – Calculate Your 1 Rep Max

One Rep Max Calculator
One Rep Max Calculator

Use the one rep max calculator below to calculate the maximum weight that you can lift. This number is based on the weight of your current set and the number of reps that you can lift at that weight.

1RM Calculator

Your 1RM

Use this one rep max calculator (1RM calculator) for any weightlifting exercise. If you press 100 pounds for 10 reps, you can find out how much that equals as a total maximum weight.

Some people want to know what the maximum weight that they can lift is. But, do not want to try a much heavier weight than they feel comfortable with. This calculator lets you figure out what that maximum weight is.

Figure Out What 80% of Your 1RM Is

Another use for the 1RM calculator is trying to figure out what 80% of your maximum lift is. If you want to do 80% of your max lift and your max weight is 100 pounds, you would target that set to lift 80 pounds. If you are looking for how to increase your deadlift, use this formula.

One Rep Max Calculator

This easy to use calculator can be used for many purposes. If you have another use, please leave a comment.

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