Bodybuilding Foods: Picking the Right Foods For Maximum Muscle Gains

BodybuildingYou know the old saying that bodybuilding is 30% exercise and 70% diet. I agree with those numbers, but will add in another one as well. Bodybuilding is 30% exercise and 70% diet, but 100% dedication. This, in no way, diminishes the importance of the diet, but actually embellished its importance. This does not mean that you need to stick to a bodybuilding diet 70% of the time. This means that the diet is far more important than most give it credit for.

A proper bodybuilding diet is crucial to your success as a weight lifter and/or bodybuilder. If you decide to become a professional bodybuilder full-time, your diet will be much more strict than the person who lifts for health or aesthetics, but that that does not mean that either diet should be taken lightly. A proper diet allows your body to repair the damage done during your workouts and helps grow new muscle while staying lean.

If you have ever attempted a diet of this nature, you probably had the same complaints as most do. I am tired of chicken breast every night. I do not like fish. The complaints go on and on.

Here are a few tips that will help you pick the right foods for maximum muscle gains during your bodybuilding regimen.

Avoid Bland Foods

I enjoy my meals because they are diverse and good for me. I accomplish this by varying the foods I eat and how they are prepared. I eat a fair share of boneless chicken breast, but it is never bland. Whether I grill it, bake it, or any other method that I use, I make sure that it is properly seasoned. I prepare most of my protein with salt and pepper. They bring out the natural flavors in most foods. Do not be afraid to use them. You do not have to avoid sauces, but be selective with them. Avoid sauces with a lot of sugar and fat.

With my carbohydrates, I am even more diverse. Even I would get bored with brown rice every day and I eat food for function – not taste. I may prepare brown rice with natural salsa or by stirring avocado into it. A ripe avocado will practically melt when mixed with a hot food and add a creaminess to your food for a better texture to the food. When we taste our food, the texture of it goes into our peception of the food before the taste. The added creaminess makes the mixture barely taste like plain old rice. If you prefer a crunch, mix in some raw almonds. Beans are another very nice addition to your brown rice. Boring, bland foods can serious alter our progress.

Alternate Your Protein and Carb Sources

To make good anabolic meals, you need to alter where you get your nutrients from. We all have old standbys like chicken breast and eggs for protein and brown rice for carbs.

Great Alternate Protein Sources:
Turkey breast
Lean cuts of red meat
Pork tenderloin

Purchase a decent meat grinder for yourself and grind your own meats instead of buying ground meat. Control the ingredients and you will know exactly what is going into your body.

Great Alternate Carbohydrate Sources:
Kidney beans
Black beans
Lima beans
Three bean salad
Wild rice
Wheat pasta
Whole grain bread/bagels
Wild rice
Nuts and edible seeds

By following these simple rules, you will never have to eat boring foods again in order to add lean muscle mass to your body.

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