Bodybuilding Motivation Video: Train with Kai: Kai Greene Chest Workout

Kai GreeneNever before seen footage of IFBB pro Kai Greene training chest with an avid Kai Greene fan. Kai takes this fan through a workout and teachs him the Kai Green fundamentals on gaining size. Shot by the great Mike Pulcinella.

Check out this amazing video with Kai Greene. Most people knock Kai, but this man is a beast. If all bodybuilders took his mental approach to working out, their workouts would increase ten fold. There is so much that everyone could learn from Kai.

My favorite takeaway from this video is importance of isolation. We all know how to isolate the target muscles for an exercise, but do we relaly push ourselves to the limit on every rep? This video will make you think about that.

Also, note his attention to form and isolation. He notes that you are not at the gym impressing anyone. It is all about working the muscle, the contraction and the mind.

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