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I was recently contacted to review Cafe Viva Probiotic Coffee. Who am I to argue with someone wanting to let me sample their probiotic coffee? Me and coffee and friends from way back. As part of my strict diet, I give up a lot of things in order to be in peak physical condition at all times. Even with this strict diet, I refuse to give up my coffee. Why should I? There are plenty of things out there much worse for one’s diet. I love the taste more than the caffeine rush, but I also use the caffeine as a supplement during heavy workouts. If I am able to get my caffeine fix with a great tasting product while ingesting some great probiotics, then I am all over that.

Cafe Viva Taste

First and foremost, Cafe Viva is an instant coffee product, but one that could easily fool coffee lovers. I have tested a mixed cup of Cafe Viva with coffee lovers and they did not recognize it as an instant coffee. Cafe Viva’s taste does not give itself away as an instant coffee, which is the sign of a great tasting product.

Cafe Viva Caffeine Concentration

Cafe Viva Probiotic Coffee contains 15.62 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce (52.83mg/100mls) giving it a nice dose of caffeine. The reason for this caffeine concentration is because Cafe Viva uses robusta coffee beans while most instant coffees make use of arabica beans.

Cafe Viva Probiotics

You drink Cafe Viva Probiotic Coffee for the probiotics, and if you follow the mixing instructions properly, you will get a healthy dose of probiotics, which is their proprietary bacteria which are harvested from pure Bulgarian spring water.

I was told told a very interesting story from a Daflorn representative, which I would love to share with you.

“Laktera (the pre/probiotic blend w/ nutrients) was originally created (in the 80s) for Soviet astronauts to help them combat the assured muscle loss inherent in space travel. Muscle mass can decrease 5-20% in a week or two up there.  The aminos, calcium and other nutrients helped. Additionally, the probiotics helped the body mitigate the stress from the harsh environment of weightlessness and all that it does to screw everything up for the body.”

100% Natural Ingredients

It’s nice to see the Cafe Viva Probiotic coffee does contain all-natural ingredients including: milk based creamer, robusta coffee, and cultures; L. bulgaricus, L. helveticus, L. lactis, and Str. thermophilus.

Cafe VivaOther Cafe Viva Features

  • Non-GMO, low-lactose, gluten-free dietary supplement
  • No preservatives, binders, fillers or artificial ingredients
  • Patented prebiotic + probiotic blend
  • Quality tested for safety and potency
  • 80 calories helps satisfies hunger

The only complaints that I really have about Cafe Viva are trivial when you take a step back and think about them. I like to drink my coffee black and Cafe Viva is an instant robusta coffee blended with probiotics and powdered milk based creamer. Because of this, the product contains 80 calories, which I am not accustomed to from my coffee, but for the benefits that one gets from this product, I will gladly consume those calories. Another issue that I have is that the product should be mixed with water at 113 degrees, which is rather low for my tastes. The reason for this temperature is the inclusion of the probiotics. Once again, this is an easy issue to get over because you drink this product because of the probiotics.

These complaints are the result of me putting Cafe Viva through strenuous tests. If these are the only complaints that I could muster up about Cafe Viva, then you know that it is a solid product that could easily be incorporated into your fitness diet.

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