Category: Muscles

A collection of articles and resources on individual muscles and groups.

Massive Traps 1

7 Moves to Massive Traps

If you have big arms that are not connected to giant shoulders and traps, then you need to focus on some serious trapezius training. Keep in mind that trapezius training is not for the...

Muscular Trapezius Muscles 0

4 Moves To Massive Traps

The trapezius muscles (traps) are one of two superficial muscles that extend longitudinally from the occipital bone to the lower thoracic vertebrae and laterally to the spine of the scapula (shoulder blade). The muscle...

Chest Flyes 3

Your Guide to Chest Flyes

The chest. That massive set of muscles that have their own workout day devoted to them, but developing the chest is much more than simply performing bench presses like a beast. For this post,...

Quadriceps 0

Killer Quad Workout

Time to Obliterate Those Quads Hey how much do you lunge… said no one ever. A killer quad workout is not something that most strive towards because they get too hung up on training...

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