Category: Bodybuilding

Phil Heath 1

Mr. Olympia 2014 Results

Phil “The Gift” Heath does it again as he brings home his 4th Sandow. Only 13 men have ever won this prestigous award telling you just how difficult it is. Heath deserves it as...

Mr. Olympia 2014 0

Mr. Olympia 2014 Schedule

It is hard to believe that this is the 50th edition of the Mr. Olympia competition. Mr. Olympia is the Super Bowl of bodybuilding. All professional bodybuilders live for this competition where the best...

Arnold's Bicep Peaks 0

How to Get That Peak on Your Biceps

Add Some Height to Those Guns One of the most often-asked questions that I get is how can someone add a peak to their biceps. Face it. The biceps are glamour muscles. We all...

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