Eddie Hall Becomes the First Man in History to Deadlift 500kg

Eddie Hall 500kg Deadlift

World Strongest Man athlete, and general beast of a man, Eddie Hall, smashed his world record of a 465kg deadlift that he set earlier that night at the World Deadlift Championships by becoming the first person in history to deadlift 500kg.

Not all was happy though as Hall later revealed that he nearly died after completing the deadlift world record attempt. The Englishman competed in Saturday’s event and was not content when he set the world record of 465kg along with two others. He wanted to top this amazing feat and did, but he ended up passing out after the lift, ruptured a blood vessel in his head and suffered prolonged nose bleeds.

Hall believes that the record will stand for the foreseeable future, if it ever gets broken. Despite claiming that he does not want to do such a lift again, he admitted that if anyone breaks his feat, he would be tempted to try and lift even heavier.

Check out the video of Eddie Hall deadlifting 500kg and passing out afterwards.

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  1. Martin Peter Hughes says:

    I would just like to say that I once lifted the end of a pallet of masterbatch that weighed 1750kilo , I’ve been out of bodybuilding/Powerlifting for some time now but would love to get back into it but I don’t think my spine could take it

  2. Martin Peter Hughes says:

    I once grabbed the bottom of a pallet the weighed 1750 kilo and lifted that up , I know it’s not the same but I did it.

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