Greg Kovacs Dead at 44

Greg KovacsRIP Greg Kovacs

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Greg Kovacs died today at the age of 44. After turning professional by winning the 1995 Canadian Provincials, Kovacs quickly became one of the most popular professional bodybuilders by virtue of being featured in Muscletech advertisements that lined the pages of every major muscle magazine. Kovacs’s reputation as the world’s largest bodybuilder made him a sensation at Expos and bodybuilding contests across the globe and his poor placings at IFBB Pro Shows never impacted his ability to make jaws drop when seeing the man in person.

Over the years, his appearance began to slowly transform from that of a professional bodybuilder to a less desirable physique partially due to falling victim to Palumboism — the condition in which a distended abdomen grossly protrudes from the body, oil deposits appear obvious and the arms and legs exhibit muscular atrophy.

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