Inspirational Character: A Glance At Japan’s Oldest Bodybuilder

Tsutomu TosukaInspirational character: a glance at Japan’s oldest bodybuilder

Japan is known for its high-tech gadgets and cartoons but who would’ve thought that one of the oldest bodybuilders is an icon in the Land of the Rising Sun?

Most 80-year-olds are happy to just sit back, relax, and reflect on their past. However, Tsutomu Tosuka is not just any 80-year-old. He is one of the strongest men in the world who will stop at nothing to achieve the perfect body. In 2009, he was crowned champion in the senior category of the Japan Masters Bodybuilding Championships.

What’s most encouraging about Tosuka’s story is that unlike most bodybuilders that start young, he didn’t start bodybuilding until the age of 40. Tosuka is living proof that people are never too old to be in perfect shape.

Now, it seems that a lot of Japanese people are following in Tosuka’s footsteps, as Bloomberg reports that gym membership sales in the country are on the rise. People are splurging on fitness clubs instead of going to a public gym, which means that more are seeking professional help on how to attain a great body.

However, Bloomberg is skeptical that the recent increase of Japan’s gym membership sales in the country is purely down to a renewed attitude on fitness. Instead, the news outlet suggests that the Japanese may be doing it to help their economy as the government recently upped taxes last year. But whatever the reason is for the recent increase in gym memberships, at least the Japanese are losing weight. Sure, their end goal may be to help their country’s economy but at least the side effect of that is improved overall health. Today, Japan relies heavily on gambling sales to drive the economy, which is why its current Prime Minister is dead-set on building physical casino establishments in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, it seems that there’s a lot of red tape involved and the likelihood of them being built anytime soon is unlikely, so the country’s gamblers are still relying on online gaming sites that provide support for the Japanese language and currency.

The Japanese people have a very long life expectancy because of their simple diet. However, there aren’t many body builders in the country, which is why it’s very refreshing to see one that is as bold and brave as Tsutomu Tosuka. With the aforementioned increase in gym membership, the country is hoping that there are many Tosuka’s in the making.

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