Killer Quad Workout

Time to Obliterate Those Quads

Killer Quads

A killer quad workout is not something that most strive towards because they get too hung up on training the chest and the arms. But, just as you need a solid foundation under your house, you need a solid foundation on your body, which means that your legs need to be developed properly. This killer quad workout is exactly what you need for solid, strong tree trunk-like legs.

Hey how much do you lunge… said no one ever.

Most people steer clear of leg training, or at least effective leg training because it is hard and it hurts. The fact of the matter is that it definitely does hurt. A true quad workout is grueling and leaves you in serious agony (in a good way).

The quadriceps muscles are stubborn muscles when it comes to growing them. Some folks are genetically gifted and building monster quads comes easier to them, but most people have to work quads in a specific manner to get serious gains.

Killer Quad Workout

Proper Form is Key For Killer Quads

One of the main reasons your quads are not growing is how you are performing the exercises needed for growth. This killer quad workout will change that. It is not the exercises themselves, but rather the execution of those exercises. If you are not training your legs to failure, you are losing half of the battle right there. Most people train other body parts to failure, but fail to do the same for legs. Why would they do that? Because it hurts. Time to step up to the plate and work with serious intensity if you really want to grow those legs.

Before we start obliterating the legs, let’s talk about warming up and stretching. You need to warm up your legs and lower back before you start any sort of heavy leg lifting. I recommend a treadmill walk for 5-10 minutes at a medium pace. You want to start to break up a sweat without overdoing it. After the warm-up, comes the stretching. You should be stretching for about 10 minutes as well. You need to stretch your legs and lower back.

Once you have completely your stretching, let’s warm up just a little more. Hit 3 sets of leg extensions with a decent weight. You want to perform roughly 20 reps. For the last set, find a weight where you are near failure at 15 reps.

Warmed Up and Ready to Go

Now that we are truly warmed up, it is time to hit the squat rack and get down to business. I love doing 5×5 with squats, but for this specific quads workout, we are going to go a little higher on the reps. We want to do 7 sets of squats for varying reps in the order of 15, 15, 12, 10, 8, 8, 8. While you can go to failure on all of the sets, the last 3 sets are the crucial sets to work until failure. Pick a weight where you will reach failure at 8 reps, but if you have more in you, truly go to failure. Sometimes, I will take a plate off of each side and superset with a slightly lower weight to truly hit failure. This is a good time to try some forced reps as well.

Next up is the good old hack squat, which we all probably do not do enough of. Perform 3 sets in the rep range of 15, 12 and 10. Next, move on to front squats. Your quads will beg for submission, but you will not succumb will you? Do the same rep range that you just did for the hack squat and do 15, 12 and 10.

Now that your quads are truly burning, this killer quad workout is no done yet. Let’s finish the job with 3 sets of leg extensions at 18, 15 and 10 reps and move quickly into walking barbell (or dumbbell lunges) at 40-60 reps per leg for 4 sets.

To finish off the workout, do 3 sets of single leg extensions with no rest, so you will perform 15 reps with your right leg, then 15 with your left, then back to the beginning for 2 more sets.

Now, you should be pretty well spent. Go enjoy some whey protein and rest up. You will need it.


Barbell Squat
15 reps – 2 sets
12 reps – 1 set
10 reps – 1 set
8 reps (to failure) – 3 sets

Hack Squat
15 reps – 1 set
12 reps – 1 set
10 reps – 1 set

Front Squat
15 reps – 1 set
12 reps – 1 set
10 reps – 1 set

Leg Extensions
18 reps – 1 set
15 reps – 1 set
10 reps – 1 set

Walking Barbell Lunge
40-60 steps each leg – 4 sets

Single Leg Extensions
15 reps (no rest) – 3 sets

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