Landmine Squat: The Squat You Have Never Tried

Landmine Squat

The landmine squat, also known as the lumberjack squat, is a unique squat which makes a great alternative to the traditional barbell squat. Quite honestly, I strongly suggest that you use the landmine squat in conjunction with the barbell squat, but some people refuse to squat, so this can be used as an alternative.

It is especially great for tall lifters who struggle with form on heavy barbell squats, but the landmine squat is not just for tall lifters. While I am 6’2″, they seem to work very well for me, but this great squat can be performed by lifters of all sizes.

As with most exercises, there are a myriad of variations to the landmine squat. There is the landmine box squat, with is the same exercise while using a box to lower yourself down to. There is also the landmine squat-to-press, which adds a military press style lift at the end of the movement. This variation will shred the front delts, but I will admit that I do not do this exercise very often as I rarely have a leg/shoulder day.

A lot of folks will say that the goblet squat is just as solid as the landmine squat, but it involves a little more balance. This ends up making the lifter use less weight to accommodate the balance issues. The landmine squat is very similar to the goblet squat with the major difference being the arc in which the bar travels. Of course, the goblet squat will get its own write-up soon enough, so look out for that one.


Squat Variations

At the end of the day, squats rule and there are so many different variations. Many of these variations should be thrown into our workout routines. We should never stop doing barbell squats. I would even add front squats as being almost as important as barbell squats. With all of these variations, our quads should never stop burning and growing.

While I am on the subject of squats, I find little truth to the rumor that squats cause knee pain. When I squat, my knees always feel better. When I take a couple of weeks off from the squats, the aches return.

If you are looking for a workout that is a burns your quads that you want to add the landmine squat as a variation, check out our killer quad workout.

What is your favorite type of squat?

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