Lift Like a World’s Strongest Man

World’s Strongest Man Exercises and How to Improvise

Strength training does not always mean lifting as heavy as possible, but for the World’s Strongest Man, the entire point behind the competition is performing feats of strength that seem almost inhuman. I love watching these competitions and follow the competitors closely. While I love bodybuilding, I have an equal (if not greater) love and appreciation for lifting heavy. There is something therapeutic about throwing heavy weight around. If you want to lift like a World’s Strongest Man, look no further.

To compete in the World’s Strongest Man competition, you perform very specific exercises, some of which are extremely hard to replicate in a gym. I have yet to see a gym that has a fire truck available to pull. Here are a few exercises that strongmen perform and which strength training exercises help them increase their strength in those exercises. It is not impossible to find alternate ways to perform lift like a World’s Strongest Man.

Exercises That Make You Lift Like a World’s Strongest Man

Car Deadlift

This event is just as it sounds. The competitors deadlift a car off of the ground. As previously stated, no gym has this type of equipment at its disposal, so athletes have to compensate with other exercises, the most important of which would be the barbell deadlift and trap bar deadlift. Read about deadlift dominance.

Various Pressing Events

Competitors have to press various objects in the World’s Strongest Man competition including barbells, dumbbells, tractor tires, trailers and more. Some events lift the weight from the ground and others from a higher position. Exercises that would help with pressing events include the military press, cleans, deadlifts and stiff-legged deadlifts.


Super Yoke

The super yoke is an event where the competitors walk with a heavy weight on their backs. Exercises like the front squat help strengthen the core for the super yoke with barbell squats also being an option. Heavy shrugs can also assist with the super yoke, so shrugs are not a bad idea here. I even saw a pretty cool yoke machine on sale.


The atlas stones are one of my favorite event where the competitors are tasked with lifting up heavy concrete stones and placing them onto a hole on a platform. This event takes brute strength to lift this unusual object nearing impossible to grab a hold of. To practice for this event, I find that zercher squats are the way to go, but front squats are almost as important. Stiff-legged deadlifts help with the carrying aspect of the event. Seated good mornings are crucial to strengthening the lower back as well.

Tire Flip

Tire flips are an exercise where many gyms have the equipment. The exercise, as the name states, just has the athlete flip the tire over and over. Of course, this is no sedan tire. There are heavy tractor tire with significant weight. To assist with tire flips, cleans are a great start. In order to left the tire, it also takes a lot of bicep strength so barbell curls and hammer curls are optimal here.

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