Mr. Olympia 2014 Results

Phil Heath

Phil “The Gift” Heath does it again as he brings home his 4th Sandow. Only 13 men have ever won this prestigous award telling you just how difficult it is. Heath deserves it as he did look the best this weekend much to the chagrin of many Kai Greene supporters.

The 50th Mr. Olympia competition kicked off Friday night with great showings by Shawn Rhoden, Dexter Jackson and Dennis Wolf in addition to the aforementioned Greene and Heath. There was a lot of conversation about someone outside of the big two taking the trophy home. Even former Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler thought that Shawn Rhoden deserved second place behind Heath instead of Greene.

At the end of the night, it was Heath and Greene in a two-man contest standing alone with Heath’s hand being raised for the fourth consecutive year.

Mr. Olympia 2014 Top 6

Mr. Olympia: Phil Heath

The Gift looked stupendous. As always, he was as tight as ever, but not his best ever. His abs appeared as though they were less defined and almost bloated in some poses. Outside of that, his muscular balance is unmatched.

2nd Place: Kai Greene

Greene may have been the leanest competitor on stage. He came with his best although Friday night’s effort left a little to be desired. The fan’s love him and thought that this was indeed his year. At times, I even wondered if he could beat Heath. His size is amazing and he is intense from the back. I still feel like his traps are lacking and his balance is still a little off. One thing is certain though. Next year’s showdown should be intense.

3rd Place: Shawn Rhoden

Flexatron was more impressive than ever at age 39 in his 4th Olympia. This was the best that he has ever looked in both fullness and definition, but his best fell a little short.

4th Place: Dennis Wolf

Wolf and Shawn Rhoden seem to have a growing rivalry in recent years between Mr. Olympia and the Arnold Classic. They flip-flop constantly. As was Rhoden, he was as huge and lean as ever. His face showed the disappointment in his fourth place showing when his name was called.

5th Place: Dexter Jackson

The ageless Dexter Jackson continues to impress. At some point, age will catch up with him, right? It sure does not look like it will happen anytime soon though. He has competed in 15 Olympia and is a former champion (2008). What may be even more impressive than his 15 appearances is that he has not been outside of the top 6 since 2001. As unbelievable as that sounds, it is true.

6th Place: Branch Warren

After a 9th place finish last year, it was nice to see Branch Warren back in the top 6. He looked like the Branch Warren of old with his size and leanness.


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