Mr. Olympia 2015 Results

Phil HeathMr. Olympia 2015, the biggest competition of them all is now over. The official Mr. Olympia champion of 2015 is Phil Heath making this his fifth Mr. Olympia win. Heath gas said that he wants to win 10, so he is now halfway there.

The competition was hot and heavy despite missing Kai Greene who was unable to compete (lots of speculation on why, but I will not go there). Dexter Jackson continued his amazing year landing second place and Shawn Rhoden looked great to come in third.

Mr. Olympia 2015 Results

1. Phil Heath
2. Dexter Jackson
3. Shawn Rhoden
4. Dennis Wolf
5. Big Ramy
6. Branch Warren
7. Roelly Winklaar
8. William Bonac
9. Victor Martinez
10. Essa Obaid

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  1. Tom Harry says:

    Woww !! my favorite Essa Obaid has won . 🙂 Just because him i find gym near me , wanna be like him 😀

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