Muscle Building Diet Essentials

Muscle Building Diet Essentials

For Massive Results, Every Bodybuilder Needs to Incorporate These Items in Their Diet

There is a huge misconception when it comes to bulking up and adding mass. It is not as simple as lifting some weights and calling it a day. Lifting weights is the easy part. Building muscles is not so simple. Most of us who lift weight do it out of a passion for it. These muscle building diet essentials are critical when you want to build muscle.

The health benefits that accompany your workouts is just icing on the cake. The piece that most miss is that your daily diet is even more important than your training. You can workout as much as you would like, but if you do not refuel your body with the necessary nutrients, your body will let you know by giving out. You will feel sluggish, or worse yet, will suffer injuries.

The most difficult part of building the body that you want to build is not the physical work that it takes – it is the fuel that you power your body with to recover from workouts and to maximize the results of your workout. As part of every fitness enthusiast’s diet, they should include the following proven muscle builders when looking for massive gains and optimal results.

Lean muscle mass is what we strive for, so I stay away from a lot of foods that most will scarf down. My diet is pretty consistent, but never boring.

Muscle Building Diet Essentials – Egg Whites

Every successful bodybuilder in the world incorporates egg whites into their diet. Could they all be wrong? Heck no. Egg whites have an amazing protein to fat ratio of 60:1 and are one of the purest forms of protein in the world.

As with most foods, if you are bored with egg whites, then you are not cooking them correctly. I do a minimum of 10 egg whites every single day. My daily breakfast is 10 egg whites. Some days, I eat another helping during the day. I like to add onions, spinach, peppers, or pretty much any green vegetable to them.

Muscle Building Diet Essentials – Fish

This is another obvious one, but fish is a little vague. I have some favorites, the first of which is salmon. While high in fat, they are an excellent source of healthy fats that do a body good. Every diet needs fats included, so your best bet is to get it from good sources, one of the best being fish. Other fish are very low in fat and are still just as good for you. I prefer cod because of how lean it is, or tilapia and flounder because of how tasty it is. Other excellent fish include tuna, trout and catfish. I always have canned tuna (in water) on hand as an easy meal as well.

You can throw seafood into the fish category, but you need to be a little more careful with seafood because of its tendency to be high in cholesterol. I consume a decent amount of shrimp, crab and lobster in my diet just to spice things up a bit. They are another excellent source of lean protein.

Chicken/Turkey Breast

Perhaps, they should not be lumped together, but I love both of these leans meats, but I eat the breast meat only. Both are easy to cook and chicken is much more readily available. These are both great sources of high quality protein again and are extrememly low in saturated and trans fats. These both go extremely good as a throw-in with other foods to create a meal. Wrap asparagus spears in thinly sliced chicken breast, or throw some leftover chicken over a salad. There is so much that you can do with these great lean proteins.

One source of chicken and turkey breast that I tend to go towards every once in a while (and I am not proud of it) are cold cuts. I will only eat the lunchmeat variety of chicken and turkey breast with a very low sodium count, but it is an east meal, especially on the go. Please note that not all lunchmeats are created equal and a lot of them are loaded with sodium.

Beans and Legumes

If you are serious about building muscle, you can’t ignore the power of beans and legumes. I understand this, but I am very careful how much I take in. When I eat beans or legumes, I make sure that I do them only at the opportune times. I am diabetic and I need to watch my carbohydrate intake moreso than most, but there is no denying the fact that they are a delicious and highly nutritious source of protein and fiber. Fiber is essential for maintaining regularity and aids in proper insulin responses, which is a critical piece to muscle growth. Kidney beans seem to be the bodybuilders’ choice because they contain nearly 14 grams of protein and fiber per cup.


Let’s not leave out the obvious one here. Protein is not all that matters. 70 percent of your body is made up of water. Your muscles, tissue cells and ligaments all contain water. Your blood is made up of water. Do you still think that water is not important? You should be filling yourself up all day long with cool, refreshing water. Keep the water clear as well. Non clear beverages made from water are not the same.

Also, beverages like coffee actually act like a diuretic, so it defeats the purpose of water. That is not to say that I do not enjoy my coffee daily. I still do, but I keep it to my morning drink of choice and not an all day beverage like I once did. Some green teas are just as good as water too. Adding drink mixes to your water, does not offer you any benefits. Although the drink mix may be sugar free, the beverage will never be as good as plain old fashioned water.

Whey Protein

I love my whey protein. I typically do a minimum of 4 scoops per day. The recommended protein intake for bodybuilders is 1.0 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. I know that this sounds like a lot, but it is needed. A lot of bodybuilders will do 3-4 shakes per day. I do 2 shakes per day on most days. My post-workout shake actually only contains 1 scoop of whey protein and 1 scoop of casein protein.

Whey protein is fast acting while casein protein is slower to dissolve, so it lasts longer. I would not be out of line by saying that you can drink 3 protein shakes per day, each with 2 scoops of protein. Read our peanut butter and jelly protein shake recipe and my peanut brittle protein shake recipe. Does that sound like a lot? Just think about a 200 lb. He should be taking in 300 grams of protein per day. That is a lot of food. Not many people can eat that much in a day. I know that I sure cannot. That is why I have to use protein powders to hit my goal every day.

Slow-Burning Carbs or Low Glycemic Carbs

Muscles are not built on protein alone. You also need a good source of slow-burning carbohydrates to fuel and sustain your muscles. Foods such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice and wheat pasta make an excellent pre-workout snack as the carbohydrates stored within your muscle (muscle glycogen) become the main source of fuel when you workout. As glycogen levels decrease, your intensity begins to decrease. Your body then begins to use your muscles for a source of energy causing them to degenerate and will nullify the majority of your efforts.

Once again, here is where I am very careful because I really have to watch my carbohydrates as a diabetic, but they play such a vital role in muscle development.

There are other sources that are great for bodybuilding, some of which I use and some of which I avoid. I love fat free cottage cheese and will eat at least a cup a day. It is a great fast-acting lean protein. Lean red meats are great for some people. For me, I stay away from red meat as much as possible. It wreaks havoc on my stomach and it takes much more time to prepare the meat as you want to cut off as much fat as possible.

It is much easier to purchase some thin-sliced chicken breast, throw in on the grill and be done with it. I prepare my lean proteins one time per week for the upcoming week, so I want that process to be as simple as possible. I wash my chicken, season it and grill it up. For fish, I season it and bake it in the over or grill for the most part. You would be surprise at how efficient I have become in cooking up pounds of lean protein in record times.

Muscle Building Diet Essentials

These muscle building diet essentials are just the tip of the iceberg on essentials that you need to follow. Comment on more essentials that you can think of.

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