On a Quest For an Amazing Protein Bar… And I Found It: Quest Bars Review

Quest BarsFor those of you on the fitness bandwagon, protein bars are used frequently, whether they be for meal replacements or quick, healthy snacks. Finding a protein bar that actually tastes good and is not loaded with sugar and fat is not exactly easy. I have been down the road with plenty of protein bars only to be disappointed by some aspect of its profile. The only bars out there that are the total package are Quest Bars.

How many times have you searched the protein bar section of the food store scanning nutritional information only to walk away in disgust shaking your head? I do it all of the time. Whether other bars are far too low in protein, too high in sugar, or too high in calories, they all share the same problem that they are just not for me and my diet needs. Quest Bars are as complete of a protein bar as you can get.

Quest Bar Lemon Cream PieThe Taste of Quest Bars

Quest Bars’ taste is practically unmatched. I have yet to taste a bad Quest Bar and I have been through them all. I have my favorites including PB & J, Lemon Cream Pie and Cinnamon Roll, but all of the flavors are quite tasty. The look and texture of Quest Bars are actually pretty simple. The bars do not need to be covered in candy nor filled with extra fillers to inflate the taste profile.

Protein in Quest Bars

While each bar varies, the typical protein amount in a Quest Bar is typically around 20 grams, and since the bars are only around 200 calories each, you could eat two bars to get 40 grams of protein if you really wanted to. I normally eat Quest Bars as snacks and not meal replacements, so I will do one bar at a time. The protein sources are whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate, both of which are complete proteins. They whey digests quickly, so I prefer whey protein in my protein bars.

Carbs in Quest Bars

Once again, this varies depending on the flavor, but we are typically looking at 20 grams of carbohydrates per bar. Once again, this is a nice balance of equal parts protein and carbohydrates. The high-fiber carbohydrates come from IMO and from nuts. There are no added sugars in Quest Bars. Quest’s Original line includes sucralose (i.e., Splenda) as a sweetener. Quest’s All Natural line has no artificial sweeteners. Instead, these bars use stevia and erythritol. All bars are gluten-free and GMO-free.

Fat in Quest Bars

The amount of fat varies depending on the use of nuts in the bars, but I will take fat from almonds any day of the week over most other fats. The balance between protein, carbs and fats are at a perfect balance for weight loss, maintenance and even muscle growth.

How to Eat Quest Bars

Of course, Quest Bars are perfect bars to take on the road with you for that quick, healthy snack, but if you heat the bars up for about ten seconds, you will be treated to a different type of flavor profile with the bars. Some of the flavors have the taste of rich, decadent desserts.

Overall, Quest Bars utilize all-natural ingredients to offer an exceptional macro-nutrient balance. With so many flavors to tempt anyone’s palette, you will find at least one flavor (or ten) that you will fall in love with. Quest Bars come in 13 flavors. The bars are high in fiber, which is so important to squash hunger and to keep insulin levels in check meaning that they are ideal for weight loss and weight maintenance.

You can view Quest Nutrition’s entire product line at QuestNutrition.com. Make sure to LIKE Quest on Facebook.com/QuestNutrition and follow Quest on Twitter @QuestNutrition.

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