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Enter the Pit Bodybuilding Blog

Beef Bone Broth Recipe 1

Beef Bone Broth Recipe

This is a simple beef bone broth recipe that can be cooked ahead and warmed up for a healthy, protein packed warm beverage.

Tuna Burgers 2

Tuna Burger Recipe

A tuna burger recipe loaded with protein and containing way less far that your typical beef burger. Get that needed protein with this tuna burger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Chest 4

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Chest Routine

There is no denying that Arnold Schwarzenegger was an anomaly in the bodybuilding world. To this day, Arnold is recognized as the greatest of all time by many bodybuilding competitors and fans. What he did for...

Massive Traps 1

7 Moves to Massive Traps

Learn 7 moves to build massive traps. Giant trapezius muscles come from much more than just shrugs. Find out how to round out those traps.