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Pumpkin Protein Brownie 0

Pumpkin Protein Brownie Recipe

While this recipe sounds slightly odd, it rocks. Do not let the mix of peanut butter flavor with pumpkin steer you away from this one. It is as easy as pie (actually as easy...

Spinach Quiche 1

Spinach Quiche Recipe

Spinach was good enough for Popeye, so it should be good enough for you. Spinach is an amazing food full of nutrients. Mixed with cottage cheese, this spinach quiche recipe is wholesome and healthy....

Chest Flyes 3

Your Guide to Chest Flyes

The chest. That massive set of muscles that have their own workout day devoted to them, but developing the chest is much more than simply performing bench presses like a beast. For this post,...

Oatmeal Stuffed Pepper 0

Oatmeal Stuffed Pepper Recipe

Who does not love stuffed peppers? These little bundles of goodness are normally not within our macros without some substitutions, but here is the ultimate substitution. Replace ground meat and rice with oatmeal for...

Berry Protein Ice Cream 1

Berry Protein Ice Cream Recipe

For those of you with a sweet tooth, check out this fast and easy berry protein ice cream recipe. Berry Protein Ice Cream Ingredients 2 scoops Protein Powder (Vanilla preferably, but any will do)...

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