Protein Snacks to Go: How to Snack on the Move

Protein Snacks to Go

We have all had the problem where we did not pack enough food and went out with friends, but did not want to eat the empty calories that are in most foods that you purchase while you are out. Sometimes, we have to be creative on exactly where we get our calories from. Here are some ideas on how you can get protein snacks on the go while still hitting your macros.

Rotisserie Chicken

Hot food on the go. You just cannot beat it. If you are near a supermarket, think about running in and grabbing a rotisserie chicken. They are very inexpensive and give you the protein that you need to recover and crave.

Greek Yogurt

Most convenience stores now carry more Greek yogurt than any other type of yogurt as most people prefer the extra protein and overall better consistency and taste of Greek yogurt over its original counterpart. With roughly 15 grams of protein per container, you get a lot of protein for the roughly 100 calories. Yogurt is also a nice method for satisfying that sweet tooth.

Cottage Cheese

Some people cannot stand the taste and consistency of cottage cheese, so they will instantly poo-poo this one, but I love it. It is my go to meal of choice at night for that slow burning protein packed snack. Most nights end with a meal of cottage cheese and ten almonds.


Speaking of nuts, they are a great source of protein and healthy fats. Just watch what you pick up. Avoid the nuts with added sugars and opt for unsalted nuts over the salted variety.


Purchase Ostrim


Not all jerkys are created equal and some are insanely delicious. I love some of the Jack’s Links flavor, but am not a fan of the insane amounts of sodium. Ostrim makes some nice jerky flavors as well and have ideal macros with a little less sodium.

Protein Bars

Protein bars come in all shapes and sizes and I will not pretend that they are all good for you. I prefer Quest Bars myself because of their perfect blend of macros and great taste. A lot of protein bars are meal replacement bars with tons of fat and, even worse, some add too much sugar for added flavor.

Ready to Drink Shakes

As with protein bars, not all RTD shakes are created equal. Some are extra high in sugar or sodium. While I can sometimes live with the latter, the former is not something that I can ever tolerate. If you are passing a gas station and this is all you have, then you have no choice. You could do much worse.

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