Supplement Review: BarnDad RISE Probiotic Coffee

Coffee is not the first beverage that we think of when it comes to supplementation, but BarnDad is trying to change all of that with their RISE probiotic coffee. BarnDad’s RISE contains 500 million active probiotic cultures called GanedenBC30. The more we learn about our digestive system, the more we see how intricate it really is, and the more we discover how closely it is tied to our overall health. 70% of our immune system is located inside of our digestive tract, so it is no surprise that research demonstrates that probiotics may boost our immunity. Probiotics also appear to increase protein absorption when added to certain protein-rich foods. The key to bodybuilders is this last part because we are always looking for ways to increase protein absorption.

Coffee is a staple for me, and has been for years going back to my days in school and competing in athletics. To this day, I still compete is organized sports, but just not on a professional level. Current and former athletes know the locker room secret of chugging coffee (or swallowing the grinds) for the caffeine boost. I still do the same sort of thing before the organized sports games that I compete in now. But, even when not playing sports, I enjoy coffee in the mornings (and sometimes throughout the day). I love coffee. I drink my coffee black without an additions. I love the raw taste of a nice cup of coffee. Enjoying the taste of coffee normally means that I am not a fan of the instant variety of coffee.

Barndad Nutrition FactsBarnDad’s RISE probiotic coffee, though, is a different story altogether. The taste of BarnDad’s RISE is quite exceptional, more so considering that it is an instant coffee. I have been enjoying quite a few cups of BarnDad’s RISE each morning and feeling much better for it. The caffeine kick is still there and, with the inclusion of probiotics, I know that I am ingesting a quality product that is doing my body good.

In addition to the great taste, RISE’s mixability is very nice. The fine grinds used for each cup mix smoothly and completely each and every time. Also, with each cup of coffee, you are getting an optimal dose of GanedenBC30. Each instant packet contains a patented probiotic strain of Bacillus Coagulans, 500 million active probiotic cultures and it delivers active beneficial cultures five times more effectively than leading yogurts.

Normally, this is where I list the cons of the product, but there really are none as far as the product goes. My biggest complaint is that it is not available in more locations, but with the surge of E-Commerce solutions out there today, it is hard to say that any product is too hard to obtain.

To sum up, purchase BarnDad’s RISE probiotic coffee and consume a cup or two a day. You will not regret it. You will have a great daily dose of coffee all while doing your body good.

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