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One of Cellucor’s newest products in 2013 is Neon Sport Volt, a pre-workout supplement containing some of the usual suspects in pre-workout formulas, some of which are beta-alanine, caffeine, l-citrulline and rhodiola. Volt is also a creatine-free supplement.

Neon Sport Volt has many things that I am liking about it. First and foremost, the taste is extraordinary. I am normally not one to care about the taste of the supplements I take, but that is normally an important factor for people wanting to test out a new product. Volt’s mix-ability is another nice benefit. This is an attribute that I do care a lot about. I mix my pre-workout beverage with water in a plastic cup, so the ability for me to mix is easily is key. Mix it a little and you are done with it.

Since Cellucor already has one of my favorite pre-workout beverages in C4, I was wondering what the major difference would be. The main difference between their signature pre-workout C4 and Volt is the lack of creatine and nitrates in Volt. I prefer to closely monitor my supplement intake, so I like taking each by itself to know exactly how many grams of each I am ingesting.

Volt is also very affordable, more so than many other pre-workout supplements out there because a single suggested dosage amount of Volt actually works well enough. With some other pre-workout supplements, I find myself having to take multiple doses to feel the true expected affect. Volt gives me the energy and focus needed to push through a strenuous workout at an optimal level on a single dose without any side effects.

Neon Sport Volt Pre-Workout Dosage:

Neon Sport Volt is designed to be one of the strongest and most intense pre-workouts on the market today and has a recommended serving size of 5g. With some other pre-workout supplements, I have found myself having to double their recommended daily dosages, but not with Volt. 5g is plenty to get the job done.

Neon Sport Volt Pre-Workout Ingredients:


Volt’s formula revolves around beta-alanine, the commonly used anti-fatigue and endurance enhancing formula. According to the makers, Volt will contain 2 times more beta-alanine than most competing products when used at maximum dose (meaning 10g – twice the normal dosage).


A well studied ingredient known to enhance exercise performance, mental focus and thermogenesis.


A plant extract studied for its ability to improve the body’s adaptation to stress.


A potent ingredient to help increase arginine levels in the body and assist with nitric oxide production.

Agmatine Sulfate

An increasingly popular ingredient in pre-workouts, agmatine sulfate has neuro-enhancing properties which may assist with pain and increased transport of glucose into muscles.


Another plant extract which contains yohimbine, the effective and powerful thermogenic. Volt will most likely be reformulated before hitting Australian shores as the ingredient yohimbine is banned in Australia.


Which stands for nicotinamide adenine nucleotide and hydrogen and is a compound that assists with energy production in the body.
Olive Leaf Extract – Plant extract which is promoted as anti-ageing due to the presence of strong antioxidants.

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