Supplement Review: Pulse Pre-Workout from Legion Athletics

When it comes to supplements, a good rule of thumb is “more isn’t always better.”

Pulse Pre-Workout

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There may have never been a quote more true written on a supplement company’s Web site as can be found on the FAQs of Legion Athletics’ page for Pulse Pre-Workout. This response was to a question as to why Pulse Pre-Workout only contained six ingredients while other pre-workout supplements contain many more. There is beauty in the simplicity of this statement.

Pulse’s key ingredients are citrulline malate, beta-alanine, ornithine and betaine with 350mg of caffeine anhydrous and 4.8 grams of beta-alanine. By these two ingredients, you can expect a rush of energy by taking this mixture and that is exactly what you get. With most pre-workouts, you expect a wait time of 20 minutes before working out, but Pulse allows you to get down to business within 5-10 minutes. The surge of energy powers you through your workout with the crash that sometimes accompanies other similar pre-workouts.

The Green Apple flavor is sour as hell, which wakes you up instantly. The mixability is great inside of a shaker bottle or spoon, but seriously, who does not use a shaker bottle these days? The powder is extremely fine making its ability to mix with water amazingly easy.

Pulse pre-workout contains no artificial sweeteners, flavoring, food dyes, or fillers. It just works.

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  1. I think that saying is very true! I have never taken pre-workout but this does look tempting. I have sour apple flavoured BCAA’s which also wake me up they are so sour haha!

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