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Oatmeal Stuffed Pepper 0

Oatmeal Stuffed Pepper Recipe

Who does not love stuffed peppers? These little bundles of goodness are normally not within our macros without some substitutions, but here is the ultimate substitution. Replace ground meat and rice with oatmeal for...

Lean Beef Meatloaf Recipe 0

Lean Beef Meatloaf Recipe

I get asked a lot about meatloaf and I typically give out a recipe for turkey breast meatloaf, of which I have many various recipes. Sometimes, it depends on a taste that I am...

High Protein Fudge Bars Recipe 0

High Protein Fudge Bars Recipe

A Tasty Chocolate Treat Without the Guilt Who does not love chocolate? Most people tend to have a weakness towards this decadent sweet, which is why the best selling protein powder flavor is indeed...

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