Ten Bodybuilding Mistakes You Had Better Not Be Making

Bodybuilding MistakesThere are a myriad of mistakes that novice bodybuilders, and even some more experienced bodybuilders, make. Make sure that you are not making any of these ten bodybuilding mistakes.

1. Lifting Your Ego – Not the Weight

You should not bounce the weight off of your chest during your bench presses nor should you perform half squats. If you are, then you are probably lifting heavier than you should be. Go heavy enough to stimulate growth, but not too heavy where you are sacrificing form. Check your ego at the door. You are not working out to impress anyone. If you want to impress someone, impress them with proper form.

2. Not Having a Plan

Walking into the gym without a plan is pointless. Know what you are doing for every aspect of your workout. Of course, I work out at home, so it is easier for me to say this because I do not have to wait for others or have to work in with others. I know which exercises I am doing and how long of rest I will take between sets. I may switch things up by adding or removing a set depending on how the workout is going. I may even lengthen my short rest periods if I need to, but I know what I will do for the entire workout. Take advantage of technology and utilize it to plan out your workouts and rest periods.

3. Not Using Proper Form

This may sound like we are repeating the item above, but using improper form is not always due to lifting weights that are too heavy. I still watch videos constantly to pick apart form and see where I can improve. Record yourself to see what your form looks like and always strive to improve.

4. Not Enough Single Limb Work

I love single limb work for the lower body especially, but do the same for biceps and triceps. Lunges and split squats are great for the ladies, but also work wonders for men. Performing single limb exercises help keep you balanced and practically eliminate favoring one side during squatting movements. You can easily determine which side is lacking in muscle development and strength.

5. Not Enough Compound Movements

I love isolation movements as much as the next guy, but I only utilize them after compound exercises or for warming up. Leg extensions are great for the quads, but I could not imagine doing quads without at least two forms of squats and/or leg presses before hitting leg extensions.

6. Not Performing Pulling Movements For Every Pushing Movement

This is quite simple. You should be performing the same number of reps on pulling exercises as you are on pushing exercises.

7. Too Many Forced Reps

Forced reps have a very specific purpose, but it makes no sense for half of your set to consist of forced reps. This means that you are picking a weight that is too heavy.

8. Too Much Variety

You always hear how great it is to mix things up, but there is a point where you mix things up too much. You should not be switching programs up every few weeks. For novice bodybuilders, they can perform the same routine for 12 months and still make gains. It takes time to become efficient on the big lifts and to get stronger at them. Pick a routine and stick with it until there is nothing else that you can gain from it.

9. Not Getting Enough Sleep

You grow when you rest, not when you work out. Without proper sleep, your progress will be stifled, your muscle reovery will slow down and your stress level will increase. All of these are horrible for adding lean muscle mass.

10. Forgetting About Nutrition

You can lift and heavy as you would like, but it does not mean very much without proper nutrition. Training and nutrition go hand and hand. One can not succeed without the other. Take the time to do it the right way and your workouts will give you the best results.

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