Tips to Building Up Your Lower Chest

Slingshot By Mark Bell

Slingshot By Mark Bell

Lower chest development is not something that can be ignored. While we spend a lot of time on our middle and upper chest, we need to ensure that we still have a thick lower chest. Men especially can find the lower chest the most difficult area of the chest to develop fully. Follow these training strategies to make sure that lower chest gets the attention it deserves.

First and foremost, with any lagging body part, one exercise is never enough to bring that body part up to the development of others body parts. The same goes for the lower chest. You cannot just do some decline bench presses and call it a day.

In addition to adding volume to your routine, think about adding intensity with techniques such as drop sets, negative reps, forced reps and rest-pause training to set the pecs on fire and kick start your lower chest development.

Increase Your Training Intensity With Advanced Techniques

We just talked about this above, but it should be reiterated. Sometimes, training to failure is not enough. Adding advanced techniques to your lower chest training sends lower chest development past the edge.

Drop Sets

Do a set to failure and immediately drop the weight about 25 percent and rep to failure. Drop the weight again and rep to failure. You can drop the weight again, but dropping the weight twice is normally enough to annihilate the chest.

Rest-Pause Training

Pick a 6-rep max weight and do 3 reps. Rest for 20 seconds, then do another 3 reps. Repeat once or twice more. This cycle should be repeated 5 times.

Forced Reps

Forced reps require a partner, so these are not for everyone, but if you train with a partner (and you should), perform a set to failure and get your partner to help you lift the weight while trying to perform the negative by yourself. This will allow for a few more reps where you are actually going beyond muscular failure.

Lower Chest

Train Lower Chest First

Training a lagging body part first is one of my favorite pieces of advice to give people. When you are at your freshest, it makes sense to train a lagging bopy part early as it has the potential to get trained harder. At the start of your workout, your energy and strength are at their optimal levels. You will also find that you can do the decline bench press for a heavier weight when training them first.

Train Chest After a Rest Day

This is yet another bodybuilder strategy that is similar to training lower chest first. If you train chest after a rest day, you will have even more energy and full glycogen stores. You will also have a full day of rest and solid nutrition.

Train Lower Chest With Multiple Sets

Everyone think that they need to flat bench presses, incline bench presses, flys, pullovers and decline bench presses and you are done the chest. If your lower chest is lagging, this workout will not work. You need more volume to hit any lagging body part. Below is a list of a decent number of lower chest exercises.


– Decline Barbell Press
– Decline Dumbbell Press
– Decline Machine Press
– Smith-Machine Decline Press


– Cable Crossover
– Decline Dumbbell Fly
– Decline Cable Fly


– Bodyweight dip
– Incline Push-up (feet on floor)

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