Top Five Benefits of Water For Fitness Goals

Top Five Benefits of Water For Fitness Goals

We have all heard the same song and dance for decades. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. The first question people always ask is how large should the glasses be. What is the total amount of water that we should drink each day in liters or gallons? Read on to find out the top five benefits of water for fitness goals.

Basically, we really should be consuming 3.5 – 4 liters of clear water per day. Some of us drink more because of our diet needs. I take in toughly 350 grams of protein per day and I like to drink about 2 gallons of water per day to help break that all down. A lot of the protein that I get is from whey and casein protein powder simply because I cannot eat 350 grams of lean protein per day with just food alone. I need to compensate with supplements.

What are the Top Five Benefits of Water For Fitness Goals

Why should we be drinking the bare minimum of 3.5 liters per day? What does it help with? Here are my top 5 benefits of drinking fresh, clear water every day to support your fitness goals.

#1) Water Helps You Maintain Normal Body Functions

First and foremost, we need water to survive. When we are dehydrated, we are fatigued and lazy. Our bodies are made up of 60-65% water. Our intake of water helps regulate digestion and circulation. Without water, the body cannot function properly. Water is also very good for our skin as well.

#2)Water Increases Energy Levels

When we are dehydrated, we feel fatigued and lazy. Sometimes, we misdiagnose dehydration as exhausted from lack of sleep. We fill ourselves with coffee, which dehydrates us even more. I drink a cup or two of half-caff coffee daily because I love the taste in the morning, but water is what I use as a pick-me-up.

#3) Drinking Water Reduces Water Retention

Sounds a little odd, does it not? As strange as it sounds, it is true. Some would make the assumption that drinking more water would cause you to retain more water, but the opposite is actually true. When we do not drink enough water, our bodies try to retain what little water we do have in our bodies in order to conserve it. This retention leaves us bloated.

#4) Water Will Minimize Feelings of Hunger

Believe it or not, most of the time when you think your are hungry, you are actually thirsty or bored. Our brains often confuse hunger with dehydration. Also, when we are bored, our brains are tricked into thinking that we are hungry. If you are watching your calories closely, always try to drink a glass of water when you feel hunger pains if it is not time to eat yet. It will normally take the hunger pains away. Of course, a proper diet should not leave you with hunger pains though.

#5) Drinking Water Helps You Lose Weight

In addition to suppressing your appetite and preventing fluid retention, drinking water also helps your body burn stored fat. Your liver needs water to work efficiently and only then can it be efficient in burning fat so that it does not get stored in the body.

Keep in mind that when I speak of water, I mean clear water – not soda, coffee, tea, juice, etc. Some of these other beverages negate the positive effects of water, so be religious with your water intake. It will go a very long way.

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