Top Ways to Stay Motivated With Bodybuilding

Arnold MotivationLoss of motivation is the prime reason for fitness enthusiasts to lose their enthusiasm for maintaining a fit lifestyle. Whether you are bodybuilding (professionally or recreationally) or staying fit through cardio, CrossFit, etc., there comes a time where you will question your commitment and your motivation. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we forget why we do what we do. Sometimes, it is an injury that keeps us away too long we become complacent. Sometimes, it is other commitments. Regardless of what the reason is, here are some of my top ways to keep you motivated.

Remember Why You Started

When the going gets tough, sometimes the tough do not get going. Sometimes, we want to quit. If you feel like quitting, remember why you started this new lifestyle. If you are adding mass, but not feeling the urges that you felt when you started, remember why you started. Was it to look good for a school reunion? To look good for the summer? Whatever the reason may be, remember why you started this journey. For me personally, I do not believe that someone should ever choose this lifestyle for the short term, but the fact of the matter is that some people do. If they do, that is what works for them so be it.

Picture Your Future Body

From day one of your fitness or bodybuilding journey, you should know what your destination is. It is perfectly fine to alter what your vision of the perfect body is, but you need to know where you are going in order to get there. Failure to plan is a plan for failure.

Set Realistic Goals

Along the same lines of picturing your future body is that you need to set goals for yourself, but make sure that the goals are attainable. There is something to be said for reaching for the stars, but take baby steps to get there. The most important step to running a marathon is the first one. If you do not start, you cannot finish. Imagine each step to get to your goal and make sure that it is not too easy to get there. You want to make the journey challenging in order to be as effective as possible, but making goals too simple is just as bad as creating unrealistic goals.

Reward Yourself For Reaching Goals

The best part of setting goals is to reach them, and when you attain your goals, you really should reward yourself. Rewards that I have used in the past is a new piece of exercise equipment or a new tattoo. Yes, I could get these items any time, but I refuse to reward myself for something that I have not worked for. It is good practice for life in general to only reward the worthy anyway.

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