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If you are looking for something a little off the beaten path with your chest workout look no further than performing some isometrics with your chest routine as shown below in one of Jason Wittrock’s recent videos for While I am not following his chest routine to the tee, I have introduced the isometrics portion of his routine into my chest day just as a flex in between sets and am loving the feeling that I am getting. The burn and pump is just unbelievable, so check out the video and try adding some isometrics into your routine.

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  1. Hey Mike, great content once again. Jason Wittrock says a lot useful tips! I see what you mean about the unbelievable burn and pump haha!

    All the best,
    Harry Simonis

  2. TestX Core says:

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful workout routines. Indeed this is really a great way of building a bigger, better chest. This is a great information for everyone to follow. Continue posting topics about this, it is sure a great help.

  3. NO2 Shred says:

    Bodybuilding has been a trend nowadays to both men and women. Different workouts and training has been done in order to have that perfect physique. Adding isometrics will definitely help you in order to achieve your goal. Very informative post.

  4. NO Max Shred says:

    Adding isometrics in your routine will help you improve your chest. Isometrics is really amazing since as a higher number of contractions increases strength, while holding contractions longer increases muscle mass. This is the reason why you developed a bigger chest.

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