Weightlifting Myths Debunked

Sexy Woman WeightlifterThe dawn of the information age has brought along with it a lot of really great things, but it also has brought along some bad things. One double-edged sword about the information age is that everyone has a voice. There are some extremely knowledgeable people that make their opinions known on the World Wide Web. On the other side of things, there are even more people that spew out a bunch of things that are unresearched and just plain wrong. Here are just a few of the unresearched opinions that have made their way online over the years that continue to persist in the online community.

If you are lifting weights and want to add muscle, you can eat anything that you want.

There actually are various times when the body can consume an enormous amount of calories without affecting you, but that is a very limited amount of time after a very strenuous workout. At that point in time, the body will just do whatever it can to recuperate. After lifting weights, you normally do want to just In just quality protein within 45 minutes of that work out.

As far as your normal daily caloric intake, there is definitely something to be said for high quality proteins over just any old protein. The same can be said for carbs and especially fats. If you are truly making the effort to take care of the temple that use your body, you should pay even more attention to what goes into your body. The fuel that your body uses, namely foods, are just that – fuel. You want your meals to be as productive as possible to your mission, which is to increase your general fitness. 3000 cal of well proportioned meals spread out throughout the day of good carbs good, lean proteins and good fats are leaps and bounds better than 3000 calories of just anything you feel like eating.

You cannot lift weights two days in a row.

This one is just plain silly. When you are bodybuilding, how you work out is not even nearly as important as what you eat. I would go with your workout regimen being 30% working out and 70% die. That is how important the diet it when you are lifting weights. The reason that I even mentioned the diet here is that is the most important aspect of recovery. If your diet is strong, your muscles will rebuild themselves quickly and efficiently. Add in the amount of required sleep that is also needed and you will never have to worry about overtraining. In all honesty, it is extremely hard to overtrain if your diet is a proper one.

Muscular WomanWeightlifting makes women bulky and masculine.

As a woman you can build muscle, get stronger and improve your physique. But you will never build as much muscle mass as men can because you have lower testosterone levels. You will always stay feminine unless you use steroids. To be honest with you, some of the sexiest women in the world lift weights. Weightlifting tones a woman’s body. Does the woman to the side look masculine to you?

Squats are no good for you.

I really hate hearing this. Squats are one of the best compound exercises that anyone can do. They work so many different parts of your body, Which is why they are the ultimate compound exercise. The amount of power and muscle that can be obtained by using squats properly is astounding.

I will admit that, if not done properly, squats can be a pretty tricky exercise on the central nervous system. You were lifting a lot of weight and using a ton for us to bring that weight up. Done properly, they are very safe on your knees and your back. By proper, I do mean proper form and proper amount of weight.

These are just a few of the bodybuilding myths that I wanted the bunk. Some of them come feedback from the mass and shred podcast and some come from talking to people working out. As I always say, the most wonderful thing about the bodybuilding community is that most of us are here to help each other out.

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