What is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT Training)?

High Intensity Interval TrainingHigh Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT Training, has had a recent surge in popularity recently, but that is not a result of it being a recent invention in the fitness community. The concepts behind HIIT Training have been around for over 100 years actually. Here are a few of the reasons why I prefer HITT Training as an aerobic activity to other forms of cardio.

High Intensity Interval Training is the combination of short periods of intense activity and short periods of rest creating a cycle of burst then recovery movements. One of the earlist traces of HIIT Training dates back to 1912 by The Health and Fitness Association when an Olympic distance runner from Finland, Hannes Kolehmainen, used the technique during his training regimen.

A typical HIIT training might including 45 seconds of sprinting followed by 60 seconds of jogging repeated for a 30 minute workout. This workout would compare to a more traditional cardio workout of 60 minutes of continual exercise at a more moderate pace.

Not only would the example HIIT training circuit above save you time, it would also improve your body’s fat burning capabilities in the process. Traditional cardio circuits spoke of staying in the fat burning zone of 60% of your maximum heart rate, but it turns out that intense periods of peak exertion demand more from your body, which burns more energy, which in turn provide greater total fat burning than more moderate exercises.

Another benefit to HIIT training is Excessive Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC, which is the additional fat and calories your body continues to burn long after you are done working out. If you have ever continued to sweat long after you have finished your workout, you understand what we are talking about here.

In addition, the rest/increased activity cycle lets you push your cardiovascular system, which answers by getting stronger.

All of these benefits to HIIT training are a win-win scenario for your body. You save time with your workouts while optimizing your workout time and benefiting your overall health.

Keep in mind that anyone considering HIIT training should consult their doctor first. While the benefits of HIIT training are staggering, it is a much more advanced workout that you need to know that you can handle first.


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